The act of managing risk creates a path for greater potential.



I earned my Doctorate of Chiropractic several weeks before my 28th birthday.  I had already bought a small clinic in the Old Town center area of the town I was living in Texas, just 20 minutes from the Chiropractic College I attended.  I actually had to wait a week or two for my State license to actually begin seeing patients.  The week I purchased the clinic, mostly using a loan, the Lehman Brothers Bank went under and we found out that we were pregnant with our third child.  So with zero experience, zero savings or working capital, and a child on the way I began a new business.

I had had interviews with other banks for more working capital or lines of credit, however as the financial meltdown began they each stated that their banks were putting my type of loans on hold for several months, and which all eventually were cancelled.

The first year was extremely stressful and more difficult than I had anticipated.  I definitely gained experience as a chiropractor and was able to help people, but there were many aspects of  maintaining that clinic that I was not prepared for.  After 13 months I was able to sell the clinic and secure a job that would actually earn a paycheck as a chiropractor.

From that experience I learned that with potential comes risk. Owning a chiropractic office had great potential, at least that’s what I had been hearing for several years in the chiropractic program, but I had not sufficiently focused on and prepared for the risk that came along with it.  Or maybe I had just been looking at the steps wrong. That with risk there is always potential and opportunity, but also risk and harm.  The act of managing that risk creates a path for greater potential.


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